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Had a great shoot the other day with the amazing YAN.  

1st image:  8”x10” on Black Aluminum.

2nd Image: 8”x10” Clear glass negative.

3rd Image: 8”x10” on Black Aluminum.  

8”x10” Clear Glass Negative, Wet Plate Collodion. 

I’ve got some great news! Blur Magazine is featuring me and my work in their winter issue later on this year. :) They’re also running a wet plate contest that I know many of my peeps here on FB might be interested in. Check it out: http://www.blur-magazine.com/wetplate

This one has a little “Bane” feel to it (The Dark Knight Rises).

4”x5” Polaroid Reversed Paper Negative.

Melted portrait

Anyone remember that 1992 movie classic, “The Lawnmower Man”? I’m channeling it here…

4”x5” Polaroid reversed paper negative.

It’s starting to get interesting…

4”x5” Polaroid reversed paper negative.

The next in the new series…

4”x5” Polaroid reversed paper negative.

4”x5” Polaroid Inverted Paper Negative.  I experimented a little with the emusion on the film

Artist: Artem Mirolevich. Creating fantasy worlds. #imaginegallery

My friend and artist, Artem Mirolevich. If I had the money, this piece would be mine. :)

My next muse!! Artist, Sculptor, amazing. Met her tonight at a show. Gotta get her on glass. :)

Dress by Leonid Gurevich #imaginegallery

My amazingly talented friend, Guy Stanley Philoche. This is one in his, “No Comment” series. Just Beautiful…

My girl Christy. Looking good BIG! Now that’s a billboard. :)

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